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Calculate Floor Mat Savings

Buying Floor Mats can Save Money over Renting

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Calculate Floor Mat & Entrance Matting Savings

Step 1: Calculate your rental mat cost (please enter numbers only without the $ sign)

Our commercial matting will outlast the typical rental mat by two to three times with a payback period of three to six months, depending on your rental fees. This gives you the choice of having new mats two, three, or four times a year, or change to new once a year and retain the tremendous savings!

Please try our online calculator below to see the savings you could realize with our mats!

Enter Your Avg. Weekly Mats Rental Fee:

Monthy Rental Fee:

Avg. Annual Cost:

Step 2: Calculate your Savings by purchasing mats from Martinson-Nicholls (please enter numbers only without the $ sign)

Enter the Purchase Price of Floor Mats:

Payback Period, Months:

Avg. Annual Savings with replacement once per year:

Why buying is better than renting your mats

Buying vs Renting Video

All businesses — commercial, retail or industrial — wish to maintain a clean, professional and presentable entryway or lobby for a safe, good first impression

Most businesses utilize a service that will lay machine washed carpet mats that are replaced weekly for a charge. It might be the right idea to help contain the dirt and tracked in moisture, but is it really the proper image, and at what cost?

Rental matting must be rubber backed and machine washable — very thin and inexpensive. They are used over and over. When a replacement is brought out, it is not a new mat, but a washed mat. How many times has your replacement looked worse than what was picked up?

Are your rental mats undersize for the area? Typically, rental mats are only supplied in standard sizes of 3' x 5', 3' x 10' and 4' x 6'. Your options are limited, and so are your color choices!

What about cost? Are you paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars, a year for mats? This expense does have a remedy!

For over 25 years, Martinson-Nicholls, Inc. has established itself as the leader in custom sized and shaped commercial carpet and logo mats.

We can accommodate the exact size that you need with a thicker, more durable, vinyl backed mat designed for the heaviest of traffic — even the abuse of high rise, downtown office buildings!

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