Chevron Herringbone Carpet Mats

Wiper/scraper mat featuring chevron-patterned surface and standard vinyl backing for medium traffic

Chevron Herringbone Floor Mats photo

Chevron Herringbone Floor Mats & Matting

Vinyl-backed needle punch wiper/scraper mat featuring chevron-patterned surface and standard vinyl backing for medium traffic. We offer it in standard mat sizes, rolls, or can provide custom mats for your requirements.

Custom Shapes


Martinson-Nicholls can provide it in a wide variety of custom sizes and shapes, with angle cuts for offset doorways, circular cuts to fit openings, and more. Heavy duty edging can be added for higher traffic areas. Simply with dimensions for a quote.


  • High quality carpeting sculptured in a distinctive herringbone pattern.
  • Hi-lo carpeting of 100% polypropylene brushes dirt and moisture off shoes — for later "shake out" cleaning or vacuuming.
  • Wear-, fade- and crush-resistant
  • Distinctive contemporary look
  • Can be seamed to create large, custom sizes.
  • Exceptionally durable. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Color-coordinated, heavy duty vinyl base is slip and stain resistant.

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CODE HINT: lowercase "t", lowercase "x", number four

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Quantity Stock No. Mat Size Colors Offered Approx. Wt., lbs Price
MCV-2436 2' x 3' 4.6 $39.11
MCV-3648 3' x 4' 9.4 $78.23
MCV-3660 3' x 5' 11.7 $97.79
MCV-3672 3' x 6' 14 $117.34
MCV-310 3' x 10' 23.4 $195.57
MCV-320 3' x 20' 46.8 $445.20
MCV-4872 4' x 6' 18.7 $156.46
MCV-4896 4' x 8' 25 $208.61
MCV-410 4' x 10' 31.2 $260.76
MCV-420 4' x 20' 62.4 $593.60
MCV-7296 6' x 8' 37.4 $356.16
MCV-610 6' x 12' 56.2 $534.24
MCV-620 6' x 20' 93.6 $890.40

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