Carpet Entrance Mats

Stylish Indoor-Outdoor Entrance Matting that Captures Moisture and Dirt

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Carpet Mats for Outdoor or Indoor Entrances

These carpet mats are ideal for outdoor and indoor entrances, providing an attractive means to stop dirt, moisture, and winter salt from being tracked into the building and damaging floors. They also help provide a slip-resistant surface. All are durable, some can be seamed to create infinite sizes and shapes.

The Waterhog floor mats include a special edging to create a dam effect to prevent moisture from draining off the mat to the floor.

Chevron Herringbone Carpet Mats
This wiper-scraper mat features a chevron-pattern surface, vinyl backing, and is an economical mat for medium traffic areas.

Brush Hog
Outdoor wet or dry scraper mats for commercial building entrances.

Waterhog Eco Elite
Enviro-friendly scraper-wiper mats for indoor or outdoor use.

Waterhog Eco Elite Fashion
Tough-as-nails entrance mat is a perfect option for more decorative entrances.

Waterhog Eco Premier and Premier Fashion
Heavy-duty scraper-wiper mats with water dam around the border to trap water and dirt.

Waterhog Eco Grand Premier
Heavy-duty scraper-wiper mats with an attractive diamond pattern, and oval end options.

Waterhog Eco Grand Elite
Same heavy-duty scraper and oval end options as Eco Grand Premier, but in a herringbone pattern.

Waterhog Grand Classic
A lighter weight version of the Eco Grand Premier.

Waterhog Classic
The original "waffle" faced carpet mat with the raised, rubber dam to trap water and dirt.

Waterhog Fashion
A fashionable version of Waterhog Classic, this tough wiper-scraper mat uses a fabric water dam border.

Waterhog Fashion Diamond
Another fabric-border version of Waterhog with an attractive, diamond pattern fabric surface.

Waterhog Eco Home Doormats
Residential indoor/outdoor mat traps soil and water and is made from 100% recycled PET post-consumer recycled fiber.

Which Mat is Best for You?

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CODE HINT: uppercase "M", number nine, lowercase "y"

photo of carpet entrance mats in lobby

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