Mat-A-Dor™ Rubber Scraper Mats

Prevent dirt from being tracked indoors in heavy traffic applications – floor mats contain 50% more rubber "fingers" than standard fingertip mats

Mat-A-Dor™ Rubber Fingertip Scraper Mats photo

Mat-A-Dor molded rubber fingertip mats are durable, and resist all common acids, alkalis and salts!

The Mat-A-Dor rubber scraper entrance mats are ideal for heavy foot traffic areas such as hospitals, schools, stores, airports or industrial buildings. The rubber mats remain flexible even at cold temperatures, and the beveled edge reservoir retains up to one gallon of liquid per square yard. The beveled edge also helps reduce tripping hazard to improve safety, and the 5/8" thick rubber also makes it a comfortable anti-fatigue mat for indoor applications

Best entrance mat available anywhere. Mat-A-Dor provides the most vigorous scraping action possible, so you keep dirt and grit where it belongs - outside.

Outstanding five-year wear warranty.

  • Flexible, solid rubber fingertips over 2,400/square foot - vigorously scrape dirt and moisture from shoes.
  • Excellent spring-back action makes Mat-A-Dor a superb scraper mat and a comfortable anti-fatigue mat.
  • Beveled edges reduce tripping hazard and improve safety.
  • Overall thickness: 5/8".
  • Available in black only.

Five Year Warranty

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Quantity Description Price
24" x 32" $85.81
32" x 39" $156.24
36" x 72" $277.88

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