Floor Mats

    commercial entrance mat

    3M Nomad Journey Entry Mat

    Bold regency stripe design for stylish interiors. Dual fiber construction scrapes off dirt and absorbs moisture. Class 1 fire rating. Developed for medium to heavy traffic commercial applications.

    Accent Mats

    The Accent Mat provides anti-fatigue support while working in the kitchen or any area in the home. Beveled edges provide safety from tripping. Easy to sweep or wipe clean 100% PVC vinyl construction. On Sale for $17.99 in checkout.

    Aqua Trap

    Aqua Trap® is a unique yet highly functional indoor entrance mat with a molded bubble pattern that facilitates the scraping and drying process while the patented raised “Aqua Dam™” border forms a perimeter that traps moisture and debris. Aqua Trap® features an antimicrobial carpet treatment that stops bacteria and germs at the entrance. An extremely durable rubber backed mat, Aqua Trap® has a highly fashionable look that features carpet-to-the-edge to blend with its surroundings and contemporary color choices to match any décor.


    Boulevard™ has a unique high-low wave design of alternating Decalon® drying yarn and Decalon® yarn wrapped with a tough mono-filament for ultra-aggressive scraping. The wave pattern runs across the mat and against foot traffic ensuring that shoes come in contact with both drying and scraping yarns. Its 40 ounces of tufted yarn per square yard offer the ultimate in moisture absorption and crush resistance standing up to the heaviest traffic areas. Boulevard™ has a heavyweight vinyl backing available in corresponding colors to ensure minimum mat movement and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the mat. Boulevard’s colors correspond with the Uptown™ mat to be used together as an upscale scrape & dry entrance matting system.


    Wiper/scraper mat featuring chevron-patterned surface and standard vinyl backing for medium traffic

    Chicago Collection

    The Chicago Collection™ superior quality nylon matting offered in a wide-format for larger entrances. Tufted nylon fibers in rich colors with a subtle wave design provide the luxurious appearance of carpet


    Sturdy ribbed design scrapes and traps soil within the recessed grooves. Durable polypropylene face is effective against dust and lighter weight soil.

    Colorstar Crunch

    Aggressive indoor wiper mats offer maximum soil stopping power

    Colorstar Plush

    Double thick Nitrile rubber backing keeps mat stable, even with cart traffic


    The most efficient and innovative wiper there is, Dust-Star™ contributes to improving the air quality and cleanliness of your facility! Preventive solution that will keep dirt from spreading onto your floors. Ensures better air quality than any other known entrance mats.

    EcoPlus Indoor Mat - Rubber Border

    EcoPlus™ is our green generation recycled wiper/scraper mat that delivers excellent performance in heavy traffic areas. Offers a green mat alternative that can contribute to obtaining LEED credits. As a performance wiper/scraper mat, this product prevents debris from traveling into the building. A nub backing design helps provide stability to the mat and eliminates curling.

    Enviro Plus

    Recycled PET carpet face and recycled tire rubber back make this wiper mat an excellent "Green" choice

    Grease Hog Indoor Mat

    Wiper-Scraper mat for kitchens to prevent grease from being tracked into dining rooms.

    Grounds Keeper Indoor Mat

    For indoor entrances with heavy traffic


    Guzzler™ is intended for use in medium to heavy traffic areas, the raised, crushproof waffle design of Guzzler™ aggressively scrapes and cleans, while the rubber-edged perimeter entraps dirt and moisture for superior water and soil control. Molded rubber “cleats” on the underside of the mat grip the underlying surface minimizing mat movement.


    This indoor wiper mat is 3/8" thick and a continuous filament olefin yarn that is colorfast and resists stains. Product is not launderable.

    Magna Grip for Mat

    This product will keep your mats from "walking away" or moving. This product is intended to only be used with cleated backed mats.


    Wiper/scraper ribbed-pattern mats for light traffic


    Portrait features a stylish parquet pattern made with a tufted Decalon yarn that facilitates the scraping and drying process while a channel design traps moisture and debris.

    Safety Scrape

    This indoor/outdoor slip-resistant safety mat has a molded grip-surface that effectively scrapes tough dirt and grime off shoes and provides an excellent anti-slip surface. The mat is UV stable and available in a cleated backing.

    Salon Décor Mat

    This line offers five designs in a fashionable black/grey color scheme that complements all decors. The 3/4" thick mat top is made of durable woven PVC, that makes it resistant to high heels and stains. Recommended for beauty and barber shops.


    Designed to release dirt easily with daily vacuuming or may be cleaned with any commercial carpet cleaning system. Recommended for comercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, office buildings, and more. Mat is not launderable.


    Tufted nylon-on-rubber mats for high-traffic areas


    Interior wiper mats

    Waterhog Classic

    Perfect for most applications inside or out, Waterhog Classic's unique design makes it revolutionary. The raised rubber "water dam" border traps dirt and water, keeping them off carpet and floors.

    Waterhog Diamondcord

    Interior scraper-wiper entrance mats for medium traffic areas

    frontier floor mat

    Frontier Mat

    The Frontier mat is a specialty mat that is made from a unique vinyl spaghetti material that is looped together to create a web-like matting. This design will filter dirt and water off of the bottom of your foot traffic and it will naturally fall to the bottom of the mat. Cleaning the mat is as simple as shaking out the debris or by power washing the matting. Recommended for use in locker rooms, showers, around pools, and as entry mats into commercial and retail buildings.

    Weight Room Mat

    Weight Room Mat

    A heavy duty rubber mat that absorbs the crush of free weights and exercise equipment while protecting the floor.

    Wet Step Mat

    Unique design provides excellent slip resistance and anti-fatigue properties. Soft to walk on with bare feet. Drain holes allow water to freely drain sway. Anti-microbial treated for lifetime protection against odors and degradation. Durable closed cell nitrile rubber cushion is UV resistant and will last for years. Can be autoclave sterilized for health care use. Recommended for use in locker rooms, showers, spas and around pools and hot tubs. Also recommended for use in operating rooms and medical scrub areas.

    Clean Stride Dirt Removal Frame With Carpet

    Clean Stride mats provide highly effective dirt and dust removal methods for factories, computer rooms, warehouses, school gymnasiums, health care facilities and more.

    CleanShield™ Urinal Mat

    The latest technology in urinal matting, the CLEANSHIELD URINAL MAT is ant-microbial to reduce odors. With its Seep Guard Tacki Back construction, the CLEANSHIELD eliminates urine seepage to the floor, while keeping the mat securely in place. Easy 30 day Time strip indicates when it is time to replace.Anti-Microbial Treated to reduce odors. Seep Guard Tacki Back eliminates urine seepage to the floor while keeping mat in place. Easy to read 30 day Timestrip® indicates when it is time to replace the mat. 100% eco friendly post-consumer recycled PET fabric with diamond pattern. Improve bathroom appearance by protecting the floor & grout from uric acid damage.

    Sure Stride

    This high traction mat surface provides a safe walking surface with its Tacki Back adhesive system that keeps it flat and in place. Very low profile with a moisture barrier that keeps liquids from seeping through to the floor. Disposable matting with a 3-month life span under normal usage.