Indoor Floor Mats

Indoor Entrance Mats for Additional Dirt Removal, and Interior Floor Mats with Decorative and Practical Functions

Clean Stride Floor Mats to remove dirt and dust - photo

Indoor Mats

These floor mats may be used as an indoor component of an entry mat system, or anywhere you want to protect or decorate flooring. They also help provide indoor slip-resistance.

Clean Stride
Dirt & Dust Removal Mats use an adhesive insert to remove over 90% of particles—ideal for clean rooms and similar.

3M™ Nomad™ Basic Entry Mats
Easy to install, handle and discard, these doormats are discreet, hassle-free and cost-efficient for bad weather.

Needle-Rib™ Indoor Entrance Mats
Economical, light traffic wiper-scraper mats with a ribbed carpet pattern.

Rely-On™ Olefin Carpet Mats
For indoor entrances with moderate to light traffic.

Grounds-Keeper Olefin Mats
Heavy traffic wiper mats with a plush olefin fabric on a heavy-duty vinyl backing.

Waterhog Masterpiece
Interior scraper-wiper entrance mats with parquet design for medium traffic areas.

Waterhog Diamond Cord
Interior scraper-wiper entrance mats with Corduroy berber look for medium traffic areas

Eco Berber Large Mats
Great for large entrances and custom size installations up to 18 x 100 feet!

Waterhog Eco Elite Roll Goods
Another option for large entrance areas or custom cut applications.

Enviro Plus
Wiper mats with a recycled PET carpet face on recycled rubber backing. Intended primarily as the third mat in a outdoor scraper, indoor scraper-wiper, indoor wiper mat combination.

Tufted nylon-on-rubber mats for high traffic areas. A cleated rubber backing minimizes mat movement on most floor surfaces.

Victory & Cobblestone
An interior wiper mat with an attractive groove design that traps lighter weight soil.

Oriental Carpet Mats
A stylish floor mat that may look decorative, but provides indoor wiping and slip-resistance even in high-traffic applications.

Colorstar Plush
High-traffic indoor wiper mats use plush carpet on a double-thick rubber backing for commercial applications such as grocery stores, airports, and schools.

Colorstar Crunch
Aggressive indoor wiper mats with course nylon fibers to scrape soil from shoes in commercial environments.

Grease Hog
A wiper-scraper mat for kitchens to prevent grease from being tracked into dining rooms.

3M™ Nomad™ 9800 Extreme Traffic Wall-to-Wall Carpet Matting
This looped pile carpet matting is designed for high-traffic entranceways where snow, water, and/or dirt tracking is a problem.

Floor mat savings calculator - photoCalculate Floor Mat Savings
Buying our floor mats and carpet mats can save you money over renting entrance matting. Check out the potential savings with this handy online calculator.

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Mat Extras

Eco-Bio Friendly Non-slip Coating for PVC- & Rubber-backed Mats

Eco-Bio Friendly Non-slip Coating for Carpets, Rugs, Runners

Stay-in-Place-Tape (photo)Stay-in-Place Safety Tape Secures Floor Mats to Floors
Transparent, pressure-sensitive tape keeps floor mats edges secured on hard floors or loop-piled carpet.

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