Home Safety Products

Commercial quality products to provide safety around your house

anti-slip floor mats for residential use

Safety Bath mats - photo3M™ Safety Bath - The Ultimate Bath & Sill Mats
Makes tub or shower stalls safer - even used in hospitals!

Waterhog Eco bath mat - photoWaterhog Eco Grand Premier Bath Mats
Make bathroom floors safer with these anti-slip, water-trapping bath mats

SolidStepCote DIY Tub and Shower Non-Slip Kit - photoSolidStepCote DIY Tub and Shower Non-Slip Kit
Non Slip Bathtub Coating is designed to prevent slip and fall accidents in your tubs or showers!

Kitchen Anti-fatigue Mat photoKitchen Comfort Anti-fatigue Mats
Reduce fatigue and discomfort from standing on hard flooring around the house.

Industrial Pool Matting

3M™ Safety-Walk™ Wet Area Matting 3200 photo3M™ Safety-Walk™ Wet Area Matting 3200
Provides stable footing in barefoot traffic areas near pool, etc.

3M™ Nomad™ pool matting photo3M™ Matting for In or Around Pools
Nomad 8100 and Safety-Walk 1500 provide sure footing in or around very wet areas.

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