GelPro Medical Floor Mats

Patented gel technology provides lasting relief and comfort to doctors, surgeons, technicians, and nurses.

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Anti-fatigue Relief for Surgeons, Nurses and Technicians

Engineered with a patented gel technology, GelPro Medical Mats provide lasting relief and comfort to surgeons, doctors, nurses and medical technicians. Studies have shown that the use of these gel mats improves surgeon’s comfort and ergonomics in the operating by diminishing fatigue and discomfort.

The bottom line is I will not operate without a GelPro Mat.

— Dr. Jaime Landman, MD

The Latex-free Medical Mat Features:

  • Gel contours to the shape of feet to relieve fatigue and discomfort
  • Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties
  • Top surface provides necessary friction level with damp or dry surgical booties
  • Easy to clean: compatible with hospital grade quaternary cleaners
  • NFPA 260 and Cal 117 compliant
  • Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute for the highest level of traction


  • Operating rooms
  • Radiology
  • Procedure areas
  • Medication dispensing stations
  • Lab testing areas
  • Pharmacy
  • All areas of hospital where extended periods of standing are required

GelPro Medical Mats

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Quantity Mat Size Colors Offered Price
18" x 24" $106.70
20" x 32" $155.20
20" x 48" $203.70

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