ViSpa All Season Spaghetti Matting

Slip-resistant outdoor vinyl loop floor mats help stop dirt, moisture, salt & calcium from entering your home or building

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New ViSpa All Season Outdoor Entrance Mats

These outdoor mats help stop dirt, moisture, salt and calcium before it can enter your commercial building or home. The aggressive vinyl loop construction offers effective dirt scraping while helping prevent slips or falls in harsh weather.

The beautiful two tone vinyl loop mat features a distinctive embossed diamond pattern that is both stylish and effective in scraping and trapping dirt, moisture or road salt before it can migrate indoors. It comes in two versions—unbacked or backed with a durable polypropylene foam. The unbacked version allows moisture to flow through the mat around pools, spas, or locker rooms, while the backed matting traps moisture under the loops. The mats have heavy edging on all four sides to resist damage from carts and wheel chairs.


  • superior to rental mats, paying for itself in less than two years of rentals
  • standard sizes backed or unbacked (latter allows water to drain through)
  • heavy edging all four sides
  • easily cleaned
  • for medium to heavy traffic (up to 1500 people a day) at stores, restaurants, hotels, theaters or homes

ViSpa All Season Outdoor Matting
Free Ground Shipping, Continental U. S. only. All orders processed via secure server. Custom sizes available both length and width. Please call or e-mail for a quote.

Quantity Mat Size Backing Color Price
3' x 5' - Edging four sides $209.88
4' x 6' - Edging four sides $316.94
6' x 6' - Edging four sides $567.10

The 6' x 6' size is recommended for commercial buildings for optimal results. This size is created with a permanent seam.


ViSpa All Season Mats Detail

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