Everything You Need To Know About Eco-Friendly Floor Mats

Eco-friendly floor mats are all matting products that promote and enhance environmental protection and conservation. This is a very broad category of products including any mat even the slightest green attributes; from its manufacturing process up until the installation or the application stage. This means that eco-friendly floor mats include all those mats that are … Continued

Why You Should Invest In Commercial Floor Mats

Commercial mats, also called industrial floor mats, are used for various floor matting applications in the business or commercial setting. Unlike ordinary residential mats, which are similar in design according to the intended application, commercial floor mats feature customized or specialized design features depending on the specific industrial application. As such, you will a very … Continued

What You Should Know Before Buying Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Anti-fatigue floor mats have special design features to ensure comfort in the workplace. In order to reduce muscle strain, these mats have a thick, high density, closed cell cushions for buoyancy. By eliminating or greatly reducing muscle strain during strenuous activities, these mats protect the legs and feet from feeling pain after prolonged standing or … Continued

3 Important Factors To Bear In Mind When Ordering Custom Logo Mats

Customized logo mats or simply logo mats are commercial or industrial floor mats featuring corporate names and logos for marketing and advertisement purposes. These are specially designed floor mats with catchy graphics on the face for brand promotion and enhancement. They are usually commissioned by a business or corporate entity for both their primary applications … Continued