We offer all natural, eco-friendly waterless hand soaps, which clean and condition hands without drying the skin. We also supply the remarkable cleaning power of industry specific non-alkaline cleaners, which can even add anti-slip friction to the floor’s surface, assuring safety.

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Cleans, Kills, Controls…
Eliminate Odor, Allergens, Bacteria, & Mold Spores Within Seconds! Our exclusive sanitizing product line is an EPA-registered, hospital grade disinfectant that provides an odorless cleaning and infection control solution. Just spray, fog or wipe and walk away. Leaves no residue. Removing mold and bacteria can involve strong chemicals that may trigger health problems. Now there’s an ecologically sound alternative.

Disinfecting Environments
Our sanitizer is an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant cleaner, mold killer, and super effective odor eliminator. Ready to use, no mixing required, just spray, wipe, or fog and walk away. Leaves no residue. Non-irritating, non-corrosive. Our food contact surface sanitizer is NSF certified (no rinse required) and kills 99.999% of bacteria in less than 60 seconds. Call 1-800-876-1312 for more information on this product, as well as how to order!

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