Cozy Legs Radiant Heat Panels

Cozy Legs warm chilly workspaces--anywhere you sit or stand--with a radiant heating panel. Mount Cozy Legs to your desk, or use the optional stand for full, safe portability.

  • SAFETY - can't overload (max. wattage: 150), much safer than space heaters
  • CONVENIENCE - Hi/Lo/Off switch for fingertip control
  • ECONOMY - draws no more power than a light bulb, costs pennies a day to use
  • Gentle radiant heat
  • No fans or blowers
  • Safety switch prevents overheating
  • Low electricity cost - uses only 90-120 watts
  • Use anywhere
  • ETL listed: Electrically approved for sale in the United States and Canada

Radiant Heat Panels

Keep your legs warm and comfortable

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