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How To Get Clean After A Hard Day’s Work

Let’s face it: some jobs are dirtier than others. One of the downsides of working jobs in construction, sanitation, or food service is that you will encounter stains that are very hard to wash off. This goes for your clothes and boots, as well as your skin and hair. Sometimes you can take a shower and do laundry, and still feel like you are not clean. While it might be more difficult to get clean after working jobs like these, it is certainly not impossible. With the right knowledge – and a little elbow grease – you can keep your body and clothes spic and span. Read below for some tips on how to stay clean after a hard day’s work.


Washing Your Body


eco hand soap


If you have grease, asphalt, or other stains on your person, you need to find a very strong cleaning agent that will remove all of the gunk and grime. If you are looking to remove such stains from your hands, it is recommended that you purchase some hand cleaner with walnut shells. This might sound like an odd combination, but when the shells are mixed into cleaner, it boosts the scrubbing power tremendously. Such cleaners can be found online. When you shower, be sure to use water that is as hot as you can stand it, as this will help break up dirt and grime. It is also recommended that you buy a very strong soap that can cut through the stains. Also, be sure to have several washcloths on hand, as you will likely need to use a different one every day. When a washcloth is stained, it loses some of its cleaning power.


Washing Your Clothes


If you have work clothes that get exceptionally filthy and grimy after a hard day’s work, you may wish to use a laundry service. Many workers use laundry services to wash work clothes, as such services can guarantee a level of cleanliness that would be difficult for you to achieve using a standard washer. Many such services will do pickups and deliveries at your house, so that washing is incredibly convenient. If you do wish to wash dirty work clothes on your own, it is recommended that you spray them with stain remover before putting them in the wash. When using stain remover, it is important that you do not rub too hard when working the stain remover into your clothes. This may seem counter-intuitive, as one might think harder rubbing helps break up the stains, but you can actually rub the stains into the clothes, as well as damage the fabric. What you need to do is apply the stain remover to a cloth and gently dab the fabric. That should provide all of the stain removing power that you need, without causing damage to your clothes. If you have white work clothes, it is a good idea to use bleach for extra whitening power. Just make sure to wash these clothes separately, as bleach can damage colors!