3M™ Safety-Walk™ Course Tape


Slip-resistant tape systems improve safety on U. S. Coast Guard Cutters

Product Details

  • For extreme, heavy traffic areas
  • Extra-large abrasive mineral particles help provide a stable slip-resistant surface even in the presence of water or oil
  • An open abrasive pattern resists clogging and reduces clean up time
  • Applications: construction vehicles, ship and plane decks, trains, semi-trailers, oily wet areas, platforms and ramps, machine shops, agriculture and forestry equipment, recreational vehicles

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)

SizeQty. 1Qty. 2-5Qty. 6-10Qty. 11+
4' X 30'$110.60$107.28$105.07$99.54
6" X 30'$165.86$160.88$157.57$149.27
24" X 30"$663.50$643.60$630.33$597.15