Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Safety Tape provide increased safety in the event of power outages, ensuring walkways, stairways and exits are clearly illuminated ensuring a safe way of passage. The anti skid surface provides industry leading levels of grip, far in excess of any or planned state, federal or international slip standard.

Glow in the Dark Tape is offered in three color options of plain, hazard chevrons, or a center photo luminescent stripe. In daylight or interior lighting, the tape is a mild green shade. In the dark, the tape emits a bright white glow. The tape's upper resin coating is impregnated with a photo luminescent powder that contains non-radioactive photons. These photons absorb energy from either natural or incandescent lighting, and when the light dims, the powder releases the stored energy as white light.

Common applications of the tape include:

  • Stairwells, where applying glow in the dark safety tape can help illuminate the area, allowing people to quickly, calmly and safely, navigate them in time of need.
  • Stair nosings where application provides a highly visible, non slip edge for heightened safety when ascending or descending steps.
  • Access areas so they can be easily found during times of emergency.
  • Ledges where the high-visibility tape reduces the chance of falls and mis-steps.


Floormat Glow in the Dark Egress Marking Tape

Ensure safe passage during power outages

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