Opera™ combines 3 functional mats into 1 mat design. Zone 1 – A looped non-absorbent yarn to scrape debris and moisture from foot traffic. Zone 2 – Combines looped scraper yarns with absorbent Decalon™ looped pile to begin the drying process. Zone 3 – Pure Decalon™ looped pile to complete the drying function. All yarns are color-coordinated to combine beauty and functionality and is prefectly suited for all large upscale entrances including offices, hotels and professional office buildings.

Product Details

  • All yarns are color-coordinated to combine beauty with functionality
  • Dense combination of scraping and absorbent yarns ensure maximum performance
  • 3/8 inch overall thickness for use in narrow clearance doorways
  • Vinyl backing helps reduce mat movement

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)

SizeQty. 1Qty. 2-5Qty. 6-10Qty. 11+
3' X 10'$176.40$171.11$167.58$158.76
3' X 12'$213.82$207.41$203.13$192.44
4' X 10'$235.20$228.14$223.44$211.68
4' X 12'$285.10$276.55$270.85$256.59
4' X 12'$285.10$276.55$270.84$256.59
6' X 10'$352.80$342.22$335.16$317.52
6' X 12'$427.64$414.81$406.26$384.88


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