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    Stick-and-Stand Floor Mat


    Stick-and-Stand mats are adhesive-backed social distancing mats designed to mark a safe place for customers to stand while waiting in lines.

    Sold by case only, with 6 mats per case.

    • Universal “stop sign” shape with shoe prints marks where customers should stand; mats can be placed at safe intervals in virtually any configuration.
    • Adhesive backing keeps the mat flat and in place, even with heavy cart and buggy traffic.
    • Mats can be left in place during daily floor cleaning; floor scrubbers, mops, and brooms will pass right over them without causing damage.
    • Less likely than floor decals to leave a sticky residue.
    • Treated with an anti-microbial formula for protection from odors.
    • Low-profile design with a high-traction surface to enhance slip resistance.
    • Mat lifetime is up to 3 to 4 months under normal use.

    In stock and ships within 1-2 days.