Conformable Traction Tape

Add anti-slip grit to irregular surfaces such as diamond plate

Conformable tape on diamond tread plate (photo)

Conformable Traction Tape uses a soft, aluminum backing to allow it to be applied to irregular surfaces such as diamond treads, also known as checker or diamond plate. With an upper surface of abrasive mineral coat, our conformable tape provides sure footing even on wet surfaces.

Our Conformable Traction Tape provides Coefficient of Friction levels exceeding state and Federal requirements, including MIL SPECS MIL-17951, MIL-5044 & MIL-PRF-24667, OSHA and Americans with Disabilities Act 2008.

  • Rolls available from ¾ inches up to 40 inches (black/yellow hazard color only to 20 inches)
  • Lengths from 5 to 300 feet on special request
  • Die cuts for specific shapes, quick application to steps, and more

Applying Conformable Tape

Custom Size or Die-cut Request

We can slit to any width from 1/2" up to 39" on this product.



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CODE HINT: lowercase "c", number two, uppercase "E"

CODE HINT: lowercase "c", number two, uppercase "E"

Conformable Traction Tape

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Quantity Item No. Description Color Price
CON1N 1" x 60ft Black $33.10
CON2N 2" x 60ft Black $66.20
CON3N 3" x 60ft Black $99.30
CON4N 4" x 60ft Black $132.40
CON5N 5" x 60ft Black $165.50
CON6N 6" x 60ft Black $198.60
CON12N 12" x 60ft Black $397.20
CON624N 6" x 24 Black $6.56
CON1Y 1" x 60ft Yellow $33.10
CON2Y 2" x 60ft Yellow $66.20
CON3Y 3" x 60ft Yellow $99.30
CON4Y 4" x 60ft Yellow $132.40
CON5Y 5" x 60ft Yellow $165.50
CON6Y 6" x 60ft Yellow $198.60
CON12Y 12" x 60ft Yellow $397.20
CON624Y 6" x 24 Yellow $6.56
CON1Z 1" x 60ft Black/Yellow $33.10
CON2Z 2" x 60ft Black/Yellow $66.20
CON3Z 3" x 60ft Black/Yellow $99.30
CON4Z 4" x 60ft Black/Yellow $132.40
CON5Z 5" x 60ft Black/Yellow $165.50
CON6Z 6" x 60ft Black/Yellow $198.60
CON12Z 12" x 60ft Black/Yellow $397.20
CON624Z 6" x 24 Black/Yellow $6.56

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