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Which snow melting mat is best for you?

Snow Melting Mat Comparison Guide

All of these mats assist in the melting of snow. Why shovel or use snow melting chemicals, when you can choose from these electric snow melting systems?

Melt Step/Safeway Snow Melting Mats 

melt step 2

Best option for both outside and inside use in a mud room or by the entrance door. The Melt Step reaches the highest temperatures of all the Snow Melting Mats, with temperatures registered in the 130-degree range. Comes in a One Connector and Two Connector option for single and multiple mat use.

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HOTFlake/Hot-Block Snow Melting Mats

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Best option for driveways. The HOTFlake/Hot-Block series is the ONLY line of snow melting mats that are conducive for automobile parking. The 1/2” thick mats are the most durable mats available and have the widest variety of sizes available. HOTFlake/Hot-Blocks are only manufactured for outdoor use.

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Ice-Away Heated Floor Mat

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A great option for areas such as side doors, and mud rooms entrances. This mid-size mat is only 35’ X 33’ in size and will produce a 40–50-degree Fahrenheit rise in surface temperatures, providing a safe and dry entrance. Includes a GFCI unit that is attached to the extra long 15ft cord for added flexibility in matting placement. Can be used without power in the warmer months as a wiper/scrapper mat.

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ProHeat Snow Melting Mats

ProHeat 3x10 Snow Melting Mats 1

The most economical snow melting mat, the ProHeat is suitable for a variety of outdoor environments and is the only product that can be custom made in various lengths (minimal order size required, call for details). The only snow melting mat offered in 10’ stock length sizes. The ProHeat is the lightest option in the line and will need to be secured to the surface.

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