“Marble requires expensive maintenance. To our delight the Floormat.com matting system resolved our problem – giving us a maintenance savings and allowing the system to pay for itself in less than three months.”

~ Daniel Aube, Assistant Director of Housekeeping, Renaissance, Marriott International

“The material and adhesive worked to perfection…. We are thrilled with the results – Floormat.com solved our problem when solutions were not obvious.”

~ Dan Tennett, Construction manager, L.R Development Company, Chicago, Illinois

“We had a surgeon who fell and broke his wrist, because of all the slippery paraffin from the lab. The lab was carpeted wall to wall and continuous filament-bonded matts trapped the paraffin in the weave. The solution worked wonders. Floormat.com even constructed footrests to reduce worker fatigue.”

~ Gwenn Goss, Lab Manager, Anatomic Pathology, The Cleveland Clinic

“Floormat.com came to the rescue for our super regional Great Lakes Mall. They created a custom floor mat that combined both a scraper and a carpet mat. And then they added our brand logo to the functionality – so it looks great, too!”

~ Tony Pestyk, General Manager, Great Lakes Mall