Benefits of Floormats

Benefits of Floormats

Floor mats are an easy, elegant addition to the decor of your home, office, or business.  They can provide the comfort and safety needed to keep employees and customers safe. Slips and falls reduction and the gravity of such falls are greatly reduced when using floor mats in key areas in your business. The following are … Continued

Floor Matting or Floormats?

Guide to using floor matting and floormats in your business. Floor matting and floormats are very similar and can accomplish the same thing.  They make floors less slippery, safer, cut down on noise, reduce slip and fall risk, and can make the environment look nicer.  So when is it better to use floor matting and … Continued

Social Distancing Mats – Prevention of Covid-19

When you are open to the public and do not have Social Distancing Mats, you are putting your business, your employees, and your customers at risk. Whether your business is mandated to wear masks and encourage social distancing or not, having floormats for social distancing is a requirement if you have the public in your … Continued

Why Rubber Floor Mats?

Rubber Floor Mats for indoor and outdoor usage have become increasingly popular in homes and businesses alike. From manufacturing, gyms, restaurants, and hotels, rubber mats are an increasing necessity many businesses cannot afford to ignore. Rubber Floormats for Businesses For businesses, the use of rubber floor mats is an essential part of doing business.  It provides … Continued

Where to Buy Anti-Slip Tape

There are many types of anti-slip tape that you can buy.  Different environments need different solutions.  Indoor anti-slip tape for stairs is entirely different from outdoor anti-slip tape for around a pool or on a deck.  Many surfaces get slippery and can use these products to improve safety. Buy Anti-Slip Tape at Floormat.com Floormat.com does … Continued

Best Pool Mats

Now that things are heating up, upgrading or replacing your pool mats should be a top priority. Whether you have a pool in your gym, a spa, or a locker room shower, it is time to get fresh floormats that will make the wet floor safer and show that you take people’s health and safety … Continued
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