Floormats with Military Logos

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With over 30,000 ROTC cadets enrolled in major universities across the United States, the ROTC offices need a direct and easy introduction to the students visiting their offices for the first time. Whether you are the Kent State University ROTC, the Ohio Army National Guard Recruiting, or the office for Veterans Affairs, you need a … Read more

Benefits of New Floormats at Work


Floormats at work have important benefits. Floormats keep things cleaner, improve the look, reduce fatigue and reduce fall risk.

Seasonal Allergies and Floormats

Boulevard Mat

Floormats help reduce allergy symptoms by keeping your home or workplace cleaner and reducing the allergins tracked into the location.

School Floor Safety – Floormats

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Safety is important in public places, like schools and colleges. Floormats can be a quick, effective way to improve floor safety.

Floormats For Any Business

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A floormat is an essential part of a business where high customer traffic is an issue and where the safety of their employees is important to ensure a safe and productive work environment. Depending on the season, and the amount of traffic your business experiences, a floormat or floor mats around the business becomes a … Read more

University Floormats for Fresh Start

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Is Your School or University Ready to Open? After a grueling 2020-2021, Businesses are starting to go back to their pre-pandemic business hours, and business activities. Clinics, hospitals, schools, and universities are starting to put safety measures in place to open up to students and customers, and to begin a new year. At floormat.com we have many … Read more

Pool and Spa Mats

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Summer weather is finally here, and after a long break, people are eager to enjoy the weather and their “School is Out” summer days. And our pool and spa mats are a great value! Swimming pools around the country are going to be busy for the rest of the summer, and the safety around the … Read more

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