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Adding Safety to Amplify the Fun of Sports & Rec

At we amplify the excitement of sports and entertainment, while ensuring the safety of participants and their fans. When the Cleveland Browns asked for help, we responded. The Browns’ Facility Manager had a serious issue with cleated shoes. Players were constantly in danger of slips and falls on the concrete and tile throughout the …

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Handcrafting Hospitable Touches

At we handcraft every touch of the hospitality experience from the entryway experience throughout your guests’ entire getaway. Marble floors make memorable first impressions for hoteliers creating that ever-important welcoming moment. Vestibules and entryways must be immaculate and inviting, inspiring guests toward an exceptional stay. Yet inclement weather, renovations, and the passing of time …

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Readying Our Coast Guard

On a lake, out to sea, at we customize water safety to your specific water vessel and activities – from cabin cruisers to large fishing boats, and from luxurious cruise ships to the U.S. Coast Guard – every water adventure made safer. Whether it be a houseboat, sailboat, or fishing boat, nothing is more …

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Making Manufacturing More Productive

At were helping manufacturers be more productive daily. Sometimes this productivity comes through the optimization of operations, safety of the workforce, or the efficiency of innovation. And other times, this productivity comes through the value we place on the human condition – especially when it comes to workplace noise and vibration reduction. Health, comfort, …

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Helping Hospitals Advance Healthcare

At we advance healthcare by offering innovative solutions for technicians, hospitalists, nurses, and caregivers – ensuring health, safety, and comfort. Most pathology hospital labs use paraffin wax in their testing facilities – The Cleveland Clinic is no exception. Paraffin on the floor creates a major safety hazard both within and outside of the lab, …

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Home Is Where the Warmth Is

At we know family matters. We’re helping homeowners stay warm and safe inside, around, and outside their residences. We add comfort, convenience, and energy efficient cost savings in every innovative product we recommend. Many homes have beautiful wood floors, where family and children gather to watch TV, play, and converse. Yet in the fall …

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