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Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

There are a lot of reasons to use anti-fatigue floor mats.  There are uses in commercial, education and home that can make a big difference in people’s lives as well as productivity.  Here are some common uses for them.

  1. If you spend time in the kitchen cooking and your legs get sore, you do not want to start making unhealthy faster microwave dinners.  Instead, put an anti-fatigue floor mat in the kitchen where you stand and prepare food and keep making those great meals.
  2. Cashiers spend hours on their feet taking care of customers.  An anti-fatigue floor mat where they most frequently stand can keep them feeling fresher, in a better mood and needing fewer breaks or days off possibly.
  3. In restaurants, the cooks, prep people, the hosts and the waiters all have areas they stand for long periods of time.  Rushing around on a busy Friday night on a double shift will make anyone working in a restaurant feel tired and irritable.  Having the anti-fatigue mats can help them stay fresher, take care of their customers better, earn more tips and get better reviews for your restaurant.  Yes, it all started with anti-fatigue floormats. 
  4. Manufacturing is another place where these mats are a must.  People assembling things all day on their feet will result in fatigue and possibly slower work and more errors.  It could also result in safety concerns.  Good anti-fatigue floor mats can improve worker happiness and productivity for a small cost.
  5. Schools can also use them to help teachers that might be standing at the front of the class all day long teaching.  A small thing like an anti-fatigue floormat at the front of each room will show your teachers you are taking care of them and help them feel better throughout the day.
  6. Office personnel that want to use mats to relieve pressure on their feet and legs, will find these mats a much – needed relief through-out their days without worrying whether they can put office chairs on top of them.
  7. Many office employees have become great enthusiasts of standing desks for their daily use, and they should.  The amount of time sitting on a chair has been proven to be harmful to their health, and they are adopting these desks to minimize the time they spend sitting down. Providing them with anti-fatigue mats to help them work longer and better should not be difficult to understand.
  8. Mechanics spend a great amount of time on their feet, using anti-fatigue mats can reduce the problems and injuries associated with standing on their feet for more than 90 minutes. Their productivity and ability to do their job daily can increase by providing support to their feet and lower body.

These are just some of the reasons to check out our selection of Anti-Fatigue mats and order online or give us a call today.