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Sure-Foot Anti-Slip Tape Products
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Sure-Foot Anti-Slip Tape Products

Slip-resistant Tapes

Designed to increase safety by improving foot traction, these anti-slip tapes also draw visual attention to areas that might require additional caution.

We offer:

  • Colors and materials designed to grab attention
  • A wide variety of sizes that are easy to apply

Our products meet OSHA and ADA federal regulations, as well as Military Spec 17951C,

Our long-wearing items are offered in a variety of colors and sizes.

O.E.M. pricing is available, as are quantity discounts. Rolls up to 12" wide, and we will ship partial rolls. For pricing and further information, please contact Martinson Nicholls, or order Master Stop anti-slip tape in 60 foot rolls and a variety of widths and colors online here.

Master Stop Anti-Slip Tape from Sure-Foot Industries
(All Rolls 60' Long)
Free Ground Shipping, Continental U. S. only. All orders processed via secure server.

Quantity Width Color Price
2" $47.70
4" $95.40
6" $143.10
12" $286.20


New Colors and Sizes


Abrasive Anti Slip Tape in New Sizes and Colors

Free Ground Shipping, Continental U. S. only. All orders processed via secure server. We can slit to any width from 1/2" up to 46" on this product.

Quantity Item No. Description Color Price
NSTS1- 1" x 60 ft $32.70
NSTS2- 2" x 60 ft $65.45
NSTS3- 3" x 60 ft $98.10
NSTS4- 4" x 60 ft $130.80
NSTS5- 5" x 60 ft $163.50
NSTS6- 6" x 60 ft $196.20
NSTS12- 12" x 60 ft $392.40
NSTS624- 6" x 24" Tread $8.35

Anti-Slip Tapes & Colors



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CODE HINT: uppercase "M", lowercase "g", uppercase "T"

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