Standing Desk Anti-fatigue Mats

Cushioned anti-fatigue mats use 3/4-inch thick, high-density foam to reduce leg fatigue and discomfort working at standing and sit-to-stand desks

Standing Desk Anti-fatigue Mat in use photo

Anti-fatigue Mats Reduce Leg Fatigue & Discomfort

Standing Desk Anti-fatigue Mats feature a ¾ inch thick, high-density foam core to comfort workers who use standing or sit-to-stand desks. While standing at work has numerous health benefits, these cushioned mats help alleviate the leg pain and fatigue common to standing for long periods. The high traction bottom of this anti-fatigue mat is certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.


  • Affordably priced quality, anti-fatigue comfort floor mats
  • Ergo-Foam core is 3/4" thick to reduce leg, foot, and ankle fatigue
  • Never bottoms out like memory foam
  • Durable and stain-resistant, easy-to-clean and waterproof
  • Beveled edge to prevent trips
  • Ideal for standing and sit-to-stand desks


Standing Desk Anti-fatigue Mats
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Quantity Size Color Price
20" x 32" x 3/4" Espresso $42.35
20" x 32" x 3/4" Caramel $42.35
20" x 32" x 3/4" Pomegranate $42.35

Standing Desk Anti-fatigue Mat in use photo


Standing Desk Mat Colors

Leg discomfort forced me to spend most of my time in the seated position of my sit-to-stand desk.'s Standing Desk Anti-fatigue Mat has me spending far more time standing at work without the discomfort previously experienced.

— Craig de Fasselle, Dayton, OH

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