Floor Mat Products

Anti-Fatigue Mats, Anti-Slip, Heated Mats, Carpet Entrance Matting, Pest Control


Heated Mats...

for both outdoor and indoor use. Outdoors, heated snow melting mats melt snow up to 2 inches per hour. Indoors, they provide warm work stations w/o the risk of space heaters.
Heated floor mats


Logo Mats...

put your company logo, art or message on the industry's finest indoor or outdoor mats.
Logo Floor Mats


Carpet Mats...

hold water and dirt, and keep floors from being damaged by high traffic.
Carpet Mats


Industrial Floor Mats...

provide durable, anti-fatigue comfort for workers. We also offer noise & vibration reduction matting, dirt-removal, and more.
Industrial Mats


Noise & Vibration Matting...

under industrial, laboratory, exercise or household equipment including washers and dryers.
Noise-Vibration Reduction


"Spaghetti" Matting...

use vinyl loops to remove dirt and provide slip-resistant footing in wet areas like pools, decks and locker rooms
Vinyl-loop "Spaghetti" Mats


Safety Products...

include glow in the dark exit signs, safety mats and tape, and other specialty products.
Safety Products


Anti-slip Mats & Tape...

help prevent slip and fall in both wet or dry environments. We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor options for floors, boats, stairs, floors and more.
Slip-resistant Tapes & Mats

green products

Green Products...

are environmentally-friendly, either produced from recycled materials, or offering energy-reducing consumption. Many are LEED-qualified.
Green Products


Entrance Matting...

stops dirt and moisture at the door before it can damage floors.
Entrance Matting

anti-slip floor mats for residential use

Home Safety...

Slip-resistant products for showers, pools, hot tubs, decks and other household areas.
Home Safety


Specialty Products...

include ViSpa matting for histology labs, well matting, wet area mats and more.
Specialty Matting & Safety

Surgical anti-fatigue mat photo

Medical Matting...

with mats to trap paraffin in histology labs, anti-fatigue mats for surgeons, anti-microbial matting and more.
Medical Mats


Safe Pest Control...

options to repel geese, birds, nuisance pests and deer with natural, non-toxic materials.
Pest Control

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