Vinyl Mesh Matting

Spaghetti Mats use vinyl loops to remove dirt and provide slip-resistant footing in wet areas like pools, decks and locker rooms

photo detail of vinyl mess matting

Spaghetti Matting Overview

The 3M Company designed the first spaghetti mat called Nomad. Over 20 years ago, it was a revolutionary mat that captured dirt and moisture better than any other floor matting product. It was unique in that it could be used indoors or outdoors, and was immune to most chemicals allowing use in industrial and lab environments.

Others have since developed their own versions of the spaghetti mat, and Martinson-Nicholls is one of the few companies that carries and installs all of these vinyl loop mats. All of them feature:

Common Features:

  • Vinyl loops effectively scrape dirt and moisture from shoes, trapping them in the mesh
  • Unbacked versions allow water to pass through, making them ideal for decks, pools, spas, and locker rooms
  • Ideal for use in recessed wells

When in doubt as to the best spaghetti mat for you, please call or email us for a personal review and quote.

ViSpa All Season Outdoor Matting (photo)ViSpa All Season Outdoor Matting
Two-tone vinyl loops and distinctive diamond pattern make these a stylish and effective scraper mat. Three sizes, three colors, and economical pricing; light to medium traffic.

Outdoor vinyl-loop mat at pool photoWayfarer Vinyl Loop Mats
Medium traffic vinyl-looped mats in five colors. They come in two standard sizes, or rolls to provide custom sizing.

vinyl-loop garage mats trap dirt and salt - photoVISPA Garage Mats
VISPA Garage Matting is designed to trap garage dirt laden with road salt brought in by car tires during cold winter months.

Nomad heavy-duty vinyl loop mesh matting graphic3M Nomad Scraper Entrance Matting
Intended for very heavy traffic found in industrial and commercial settings. Can be edged and seamed to create infinite sizes.

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