Safety Bath & Sill Mat – the Ultimate Bath Mats made from pressure sensitive Safety-Walk™

Safety Bath is the ultimate bath mat. It beautifies the tub while making it safer. Used in hospitals and guaranteed to last years, Safety Bath cleans the same as you would your tub. Safety Bath Mats are manufactured from a unique type of vinyl, and are both comfortable to the skin and pleasing to the eye.

Durable – Outlasts traditional mats, with life expectancy of years, not months.

Easy to Clean – Clean just as you do the tub. No additional maintenance required.

Custom Sizing – Multiple sizing to custom fit your tub.

Completely Sanitary – All vinyl construction limits growth of odor causing germs and bacteria.

Colorfast – Will not fade or wash out.

Mistake-Proof Application – Simply peel off liner and press firmly onto a clean, dry tub surface. Allow four hours to dry. Note: When you are ready to replace your Safety Bath Mat, simply lift the corners and remove. Safety Bath releases cleanly with no remaining residue to clean.

3M Safety Bath Mat

The ultimate bath mat for tubs, tub sills, shower stalls, jet tubs and more!

Product Details

  • High performance, water-resistant, acrylate adhesive is ideal for wet conditions
  • Available in White or Clear
  • Each tread has a reliable, long-lasting adhesive that helps keep it in place.

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