Aqua-Safe anti slip tape is a standard non-abrasive tape designed for areas exposed to water. Its plastic construction ensures dimensional stability, then the surface is embossed to create a texture to prevent slips. Manipulation during the production process gives it a rubber feel, meaning it is gentle to bare skin. This waterproof material is perfect around swimming pools, baths, boats, kitchens or laboratories.

  • Ideal for swimming pools, baths, showers, boats, kitchens and labs
  • Designed for areas where abrasive anti-slip materials cannot be used
  • Waterproof and easy to clean

Aqua Safe is offered in Black, Gray, and Clear:


We can slit to any width from 1/2" up to 47" on this product, as well as provide custom die-cut pieces and shapes, and can work to your designs and drawing files.

Aqua Safe Anti Slip Waterproof Tape

Ideal for showers, boats, kitchens and labs

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)

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1" X 60'$14.88$14.43$14.13$13.39
4" X 60'$59.50$57.72$56.53$53.55
2" X 60'$29.88$28.98$28.38$26.89


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