Mop Top Tape provides a durable slip-resistant surface that is also washable. The unique mineral surface is designed to reduce the friction between mops and sponges for faster and more thorough cleaning.

Mop Top is very resistant to fraying and disintegration, and is one of the few anti-slip tapes that will adhere to powder-coated surfaces. The surface is coated with a rounded grit-coated polyester film that both reduces friction for mopping, as well as providing UV protection. Mop Top meets and exceeds OSHA and ADA federal specifications for slip-resistance.

Floormat Anti Slip Mop Top Step Tape

Durable anti-slip tape reduces friction between mops & sponges



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Standard Sizes (Approximate)

SizeQty. 1Qty. 2-5Qty. 6-10Qty. 11+
2" X 60'$28.76$27.90$27.32$25.88
3" X 60'$43.16$41.87$41.00$38.84
6" X 24", 50/CS$153.22$148.62$145.56$137.90
3" X 24", 50/cs$79.06$76.69$75.11$71.15
0.75" X 24",50/cs$26.74$25.94$25.40$24.07
12" X 60'$172.60$167.42$163.97$155.34
6" X 60'$86.30$83.71$81.99$77.67
4" X 60'$28.77$27.91$27.33$25.89
4" X 60'$57.54$55.81$54.66$51.79
0.75" X 60'$10.78$10.46$10.24$9.70
1" X 60'$14.38$13.95$13.66$12.94
18" X 60'$258.92$251.15$245.97$233.03
24" X 60'$345.20$334.84$327.94$310.68


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