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Arrow Trax™ Antimicrobial Floor Mat

4.00 out of 5
(1 customer review)

$46.16$304.86 USD

Arrow Trax™ Antimicrobial offers all of the same durability, functional benefits, and aesthetic appeal as the original. Intended for use in high traffic areas, a full 38 ounces of needle-punched yarn per square yard provides the highest degree of crush resistance, while the durable herringbone pattern offers non-directional scraping action and moisture retention. Arrow Trax™ Antimicrobial also features an antimicrobial carpet treatment that stops most Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria and fungi at the entrance. A vinyl non-slip backing makes it the perfect entrance mat for smooth surface floors like linoleum, wood, or tile commonly found in main entrance ways.

  • Antimicrobial formula resists most Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria
  • Recommended product as a part of the GreenTRAX™ program for “Green Cleaning” environments
  • Available Colors: Charcoal, Autumn Brown, Hunter Green
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Standard Sizes (Approximate)

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2' X 3'$46.16$43.85
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3' X 5'$104.49$99.27
3' X 4'$114.32$108.60
3' X 6'$126.55$120.22
3' X 5'$142.90$135.76
3' X 6'$171.49$162.92
3' X 10'$185.00$175.75
4' X 6'$185.70$176.42
4' X 6'$228.64$217.21
4' X 8'$245.49$233.22
4' X 8'$304.86$289.62
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1 review for Arrow Trax™ Antimicrobial Floor Mat

  1. D
    4 out of 5

    Drew Lawrence

    The Arrow Trax Antimicrobial Floor Mat is a great solution for preventing the spread of germs and bacteria in high-traffic areas. The mat is made of durable, antimicrobial materials that inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria on the surface of the mat. Its design allows for easy cleaning and it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The mat is also slip-resistant, providing an added level of safety. Overall, I highly recommend the Arrow Trax Antimicrobial for anyone looking to improve the hygiene of their high-traffic areas.

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