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Healthcare and Medical Mats

We advance healthcare by offering innovative custom matting solutions specifically licensed for the medical industry. Our products are anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fatigue, helping nurses, doctors, surgeons, and administrators keep and maintain a safe, sterile, and healthful environment. Working harrowing hours filled with constant movement, it is imperative to safeguard and trap solvents, debris, and bacteria within specific locations so it is not tracked into heavy traffic areas, where it becomes hazardous to healthcare employees and patients. Many of our mat systems incorporate an industrial grade antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of gram positive and gram negative bacteria and fungus.

Specifically designed mats for everything from surgical rooms to histology labs. Floormat.com’s proven selection of medical matting meets every need of the healthcare industry.

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  • Airug Disposable Surgical Floor Mats

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  • Comfort-Eze Floor Mat

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  • Ortho Antimicrobial Floor Mat

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  • Razorback Dyna Shield Floor Mat

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  • Vispa No Vibe Noise Eliminator Floor Mat™

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  • ViSpa Wax Trapper™ Floor Mat

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