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    Anti Slip Mop Top Tape


    Specially engineered anti-slip tape that provides secure traction for both people and pets, without the harsh abrasive surface. Ideal for paws, bare feet and commonly used cleaning instruments.

    • Provides outstanding grip and traction without the discomfort of traditional abrasive anti-slip tape surfaces.
    • Perfect for dog runs, cat ramps, and any surface that pets frequently use.
    • Engineered to not snag or “grab” mops, Swifter cleaning pads, and other cleaning instruments.
    • Engineered for durability to withstand inclement weather and heavy foot traffic.
    • Easy to cut to any desired length for various applications. Premium adhesive backing to secure onto any surface.
    • High quality materials ensure superior traction in both indoor and outdoor applications.
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    Standard Sizes (Approximate)

    SizeQty. 1-5Qty. 6+
    0.75" X 60'$10.78$9.70
    1" X 60'$14.38$12.94
    2" X 60'$28.76$25.88
    3' X 60'$43.16$38.84
    4' X 60'$57.54$51.79
    6' X 60'$86.30$77.67
    12" X 60'$172.60$155.34
    18" X 60'$258.92$233.03
    24" X 60'$345.20$310.68
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