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    Ortho Antimicrobial Floor Mat


    This ultra soft mat provides extraordinary comfort during prolonged standing. Endorsed by physicians as an orthopedic mat. The PVC nitrile, closed-cell rubber is impervious to acids, chemicals, petroleum products, and animal and vegetable fats. Beveled edges prevent tripping. ” overall thickness. Custom sizes available.

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    Standard Sizes (Approximate)

    SizeQty. 1-5Qty. 6+
    20" X 24"$70.77$63.69
    24" X 36"$128.00$115.20
    30" X 36"$156.00$140.40
    36" X 36"$181.00$162.90
    24" X 72"$211.54$190.39
    36" X 72"$336.00$302.40
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