3M™ Safety-Walk™ Medium Resilient

3M™ Safety-Walk™ Medium Resilient Tape provides “high-traction.” Features a resilient, non-mineral, slip-resistant material. Soft surface is suitable for bare feet. For locker rooms and recreational/athletic equipment, boats and docks, interior stairwells, entryways and lobbies. Available in custom sizes and colors, and with custom adhesives.

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)

SizeQty. 1Qty. 2-5Qty. 6-10Qty. 11+
1" X 60'$28.86$27.99$27.42$25.97
2" X 60'$51.82$50.27$49.23$46.64
4" X 60'$115.48$112.02$109.71$103.93
6" X 60'$173.24$168.04$164.58$155.92
12" X 60'$333.18$323.18$316.52$299.86
18" X 60'$499.82$484.83$474.83$449.84
24" X 60'$666.28$646.29$632.97$599.65
36" X 60"$999.76$969.77$949.77$899.78
48" X 60'$1332.88$1292.89$1266.24$1199.59


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