Prevent slips and falls in a variety of applications with our general purpose Safety-Walk™ 600 and Master Stop™ tapes. The mineral abrasive grit surfaces provide traction in wet or dry environments indoors or outdoors.

Their pressure-sensitive adhesive allows them to be applied like tape to a clean, dry surfaces. Available in assorted shapes and colors. Lasts for years with minimum maintenance.

Floormat.com offers these anti-slip materials in die-cut shapes. No job is too small!

3M™ Safety-Walk™ General Purpose Tape

General purpose slip-resistant tapes prevernt Slip & Fall Accidents

Product Details

  • For light to heavy shoe-traffic areas
  • Mineral-coated, high traction, slip-resistant surface
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive, covered by removable protective liner, is easy to apply
  • Applications: Flat surfaces, stairs, ramps, entrances, lawn equipment, ladders, snowmobiles, scooters, construction machinery and vehicles

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)

SizeQty. 1Qty. 2-5Qty. 6-10Qty. 11+
48" X 60'$1195.12$1159.27$1135.36$1075.61
36" X 60'$896.40$869.51$851.58$806.76
24" X 60'$597.68$579.75$567.80$537.91
18" X 60'$499.82$484.83$474.83$449.84
12" X 60'$298.76$289.80$283.82$268.88
6" X 60'$155.38$150.72$147.61$139.84
4" X 60'$51.84$50.28$49.25$46.66
2" X 60'$51.82$50.27$49.23$46.64
1" X 60'$25.92$25.14$24.62$23.33
0.75" X 60'$25.00$24.25$23.75$22.50


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