ViSpa Wax Trapper Anti-slip Carpet for Histology Labs

Two types of floor matting help prevent slips and falls from paraffin wax

ViSpa slip resistant carpet matting in histology lab - photo

Now Two Styles of ViSpa Wax Trapper durable vinyl loop mat to trap paraffin that causes slips and falls

New ViSpa Diamond

ViSpa Diamond Deluxe is a beautiful two tone vinyl loop mat provides a stylish, yet very effective scraper mat. A distinctive embossed diamond pattern captures wax and keeps it from being tracked throughout your lab. Backed to protect the floor, this mat also captures spills and keeps them from migrating. The mat holds up to most chemicals used in the lab. Diamond Deluxe can be customized both in terms of size and shape. Edging can be applied on all sides or just the sides exposed to traffic.

Lighter than our original ViSpa Mat, Diamond Deluxe is easier to clean and works better with rolling chairs and carts.

Original ViSpa Mats

Made of vinyl, the non-woven, continuous filament-bonded ViSpa matting withstands the constant abuse of foot traffic, paraffin spillage, and even corrosive, including sulfuric acid.

The continuous filament-bonded matting traps paraffin-embedded cuttings, while a special surfactant prevents the wax from sticking to the surface. For cleaning, both matting products can be shaken, vacuumed, pressure washed, or rinsed with water.

Both ViSpa Mat Types provide:

  • a safer environment
  • more productive area by reducing fatigue
  • easily cleaned
  • resistant to common chemicals found in histology labs

ViSpa Diamond Deluxe Two-Tone Histology Lab Matting
Free Ground Shipping, Continental U. S. only. All orders processed via secure server.Custom sizes available both length and width. Please call or e-mail for a quote.

Quantity Mat Size Color Price
3' x 5' - Edging four sides $273.48
4' x 6' - Edging four sides $422.94
3' x 20' Roll - no edging $603.14
4' x 20' Roll - no edging $804.54

  • Call for custom size quote
  • Width up to 8'
  • Edging applied where needed
  • Heavy duty edging available

ViSpa Histology Lab Matting
All orders processed via secure server. Custom sizes available both length and width. Please call or e-mail for a quote. Prices are without edging!

Quantity Mat Size Color Price
3' x 5' Black $270.30
4' x 6' Black $422.94
3' x 60' Roll Black $2289.60
4' x 60' Roll Black $3052.80


ViSpa Diamond Deluxe


Comparison between the original ViSpa Mat (top) and new ViSpa Diamond (bottom).

Histology labs have dealt with the problem of dripping paraffin for years. In the case of one Cleveland hospital, this problem resulted in an injury to a surgeon not even in the lab.

"That’s pretty much how it started, we had a surgeon who fell in the hall and broke his wrist and broke his wrist," said Gwen Goss, lab manager of anatomic pathology at the hospital. "The surgeon slipped in the hall on paraffin that had been tracked there from the lab, so he wasn’t even in the lab. We contacted Martinson-Nicholls for matting to eliminate the slippery floors."

"We used everything, chromic acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, multiple stains," Goss said of the testing. "ViSpa floor matting stood up against it all."

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