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GripCote-X is the perfect anti-slip accessory for a variety of mats. It is applied easily by soft bristle brush, roller or spray and is non-toxic, making it a simple Do-It-Yourself accessory product appropriate for homeowners, small businesses or larger businesses looking for a long-term and environmentally friendly solution to the problem of mat movement.

Slippages, movement, curling and bunching present an ongoing problem with commercial mats. This is particularly the case with lighter PVC-backed matting in smaller sizes or in runners, but occurs in a wide variety of mats including entrance mats and many anti-fatigue mats. This problem is a nuisance to many businesses who are forced to frequently reset the mats in their proper resting place. In many cases, mats that shift and bunch up can create a trip and fall hazard as well.

GripCote-X non-slip matting solutions is an environmentally-friendly, state of the art polymer technology that provides lasting value and outstanding performance on all matting products. GripCote-X is a preferred solution to enhance safety by eliminating mat slippage and bunching.

GripCote-X key features:

  • Eco-Bio Friendly Non-slip Coating for PVC- & Rubber-backed Mats
  • Eliminates movement/slipping/bunching with runners, entrance and anti-fatigue mats
  • Water-based, non-toxic formula
  • Adheres effectively with all flooring substrates
  • Non-transferring formula/Won’t leave residue
  • Works on all PVC and rubber-backed matting
  • Easy application process
  • Lasts for life of mat
  • Withstands up to 20 wash cycles with washable mats
  • Rinse to clean

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    $19.00$140.00 USD