Martinson-Nicholls Non-toxic Pest Control Products

Non-toxic repellents, decoys, and electronic repellers for the control of damage caused by nuisance wildlife without harming them, humans or the environment

photo of non-toxic bird repellent

Pest Control Overview

photo of BirdShield Bird RepellentBirdShield Bird Repellent
Repel birds from any structure, surface or nest; repel water birds from boat docks

photo of BirdXPeller Pro Sonic Bird RepellerBirdXPeller Pro Sonic Bird Repeller
Programmable, species-specific bird repeller is environmentally safe, harmless to birds, easy to use and install

photo of Coyote Decoy Geese RepellerCoyote Decoy Geese Repeller
Realistic, stalking threat creates a "danger zone" where geese won't want to linger

photo of ECO Exit glow-in-the-dark exit signGoose Chase Repellent
Goose repellent made from bitter, smelly part of concord grapes to solve goose problems

photo of geese crossing a roadRejeX-it Pest Repellent
Harmlessly repels unwanted geese, ducks, seagulls, deer, gophers, moles, & nuisance pests

photo of Nature's Defense Organic Repellent GranulesNature's Defense Organic Repellent Granules
100% organic granules can be sprinkled anywhere to create an irritant scent barrier to repel deer, rabbits, squirrels, rodents, elk, beavers, possum and more.

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