Anti-Slip Tape and Tread

Anti-slip tapes and treads products can be an important safety feature for your home or business, preventing slips and falls wherever you work and live. These products are ideal for steps and stairs, and anywhere where added traction is required.

Our Anti Slip-Tape Will Help Keep You Safe

We sell many types of anti-slip tape, and each one is uniquely designed to ensure your safety and comfort in various situations. Our anti slip-tape is reasonably priced and guaranteed to work effectively. Some of the anti slip tapes that we offer can be found below. Purchasing and using these tapes in tandem with each other will ensure that you stay safe in a variety of situations. In order to help save you money when you invest in our anti-slip tape, we offer free shipping on orders over $99.

Johnsonite OEM Anti-Slip Tread Tape

Slips and falls down staircases can prove especially harmful. One way to prevent slips and falls from happening on staircases is to purchase our Johnsonite OEM anti-slip tread tape. This tread tape is available in 2” x 60” strips, and is adhered to the edge of each step in your staircase. This provides you with added traction when walking down the stairs. This tape is available in 11 different colors, so that it can match your color scheme and decor.

Aqua Safe Anti-Slip Waterproof Tape

Wet floors are, of course, very slippery. One way to cut back on the slip and fall risk associated with wet floors is to purchase our Aqua Safe anti-slip waterproof tape. As the name implies, this tape will not bow or lose its adhesiveness in water. Therefore it is recommended for use in kitchens, laboratories, showers, boats, pools, and other places where wet floors are common. Aqua Safe anti-slip tape will help you find your footing in some of the slipperiest places.

Floormat Anti-Slip Tape

Floormat anti-slip tape serves two purposes. For one, it provides extra traction that will reduce slips and falls in just about any environment. Additionally, its bright yellow coloring draws attention to the tape, and makes it ideal for use in areas where extra caution is required. This is one of our more popular products, due to its durability and versatility.

Extreme Step Tread

Extreme step tread is one of the most durable anti-slip tapes available for purchase. Made with our proprietary formula, this tape can withstand extreme wear-and-tear, as well as any climate. This top-notch tape is recommended for harsh climates and high-traffic areas--situations where safety and dependability are of the utmost importance.

Grit Coated Fiberglass Step Covers

Our grit coated fiberglass step covers also provide added grip for when you are walking on stairs. These step covers are lightweight and ideal for use on structurally sound surfaces. The fiberglass coating also makes these step covers extremely durable, and offers you permanent slip and fall protection.

3M Safety Walk General All Purpose Tape

Our 3M Safety Walk general, all-purpose tape is a cheap and versatile tape that you can use in many situations. It is suitable for use around the house, in work settings, and any situation where slips and falls can be prevented. We recommend that you invest in several rolls of this tape--you never know when you might need it.

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