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4 Important Factors To Consider When Buying Mats

Mats are necessary installations in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Although some contemporary mat models are modified for special functionality, such as melting snow or decorating the floor, mats are usually installed for “protection.” Whether they are installed indoors or outdoors, all mats provide some type of protective function. By trapping dirt and moisture, some mats protect indoor house floors from damage; other models protect people from cold weather conditions and industry-specific risks. Due to their dynamic nature, mats come in many different types, models, sizes and designs. Therefore, you need to consider several factors before buying your mats.


One of the most important considerations when buying a mat is the intended application. This is a general factor that determines whether the mat is intended for residential, commercial or industrial application. Residential/home mats are quite simple as compared to the other models. They usually span three types/models: entrance, heated and indoor mats. On the other hand, industrial and commercial application mats are available in many different types — split according to their functionality. Some common industrial mat types include anti-fatigue mats, welding safe mats, floor protection mats, and grease-, oil- and chemical-resistant mats.

Site Of Installation

After considering the area of application, you should then think about the specific site of installation. With the exception of specialty mats, most mats are either installed indoors or outdoors. Although there are specific mats for indoor settings, some mats are multipurpose. Meaning — you can use some types of mats in both indoor and outdoor settings. For instance, entrance mats can be laid indoors or outdoors. However, other mats like heated mats are specially altered to fit either indoor or outdoor areas. Depending on your site of installation, you can choose from the many options available.

Functional Needs

Unarguably, this is one of the most important factors that must be taken into account before buying any mat. Whether you are buying a mat for home or business use, you must first decide its intended use in order to determine the functional properties that are needed. Simply put, the type of mat you need depends on the reason for needing it. There are several functional parameters that will come into play here — including some of the ones discussed above. After ascertaining the intended application and site of installation, you will now delve into more specific functional needs. Some of the most common functional needs include indoor warmth or heat generation, indoor floor protection, and workplace protection. In this light, you should consider getting indoor heated mats, such as heated desk mats or foot rests for indoor heating, entrance mats or indoor mats for floor protection, and any industry-specific industrial mat for workplace safety.

Other Special Features

After considering all the aforementioned factors and choosing a befitting type of mat, you now need to zero in on a specific model/make. Naturally, you will find it hard to choose one specific mat model from the huge variety of offerings in the market today. That is why you must evaluate all the available choices for suitability with regard to your personal needs and preferences. You must consider other special, albeit seemingly “superficial,” features, such as energy efficiency, automatic operability, and ease of installation among others, before making a choice.