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5 Major Benefits Of Using Industrial Mats

Although they are quite unnoticeable amidst all the machinery and equipment clutter, mats are some of the most important installations in any commercial or industrial environment. From optimizing workforce productivity to enhancing workplace safety, mats add invaluable functional values to production sites. Industrial mats are usually categorized according to their physical properties, which usually correspond to their intended application. It is important to note that most industrial mats come in three designs: standard mats, modular tiles and linkable mats.
Although there are many different types of industrial mats, almost all of them share the same functional qualities and offer the same benefits. Therefore, when choosing industrial mats, you should prioritize your functional needs as much as the cost and quality of the mat. Typically, you will enjoy the following benefits from a typical industrial mat.

Anti-Fatigue Comfort

Many types of industrial mats provide anti-fatigue comfort in cold weather. Generally, anti-fatigue mats are electrically heated mats that provide warmth in harsh weather conditions. Anti-fatigue industrial mats are split into two main categories depending on their site of installation: wet & dry areas and dry areas only. Anti-fatigue mats for wet & dry areas are usually designed as meshes without any backing to allow moisture drainage or seepage.

Many anti-fatigue mats are also slip-resistant to avoid accidental falls — they feature rough anti-slip grit surfaces for traction. Although many anti-fatigue mats share similar properties, there are special models that are optimized for functional performance in specific industries.

Safety Messages

There are special types of industrial mats that feature graphical safety messages on their surfaces. Marketed as logo mats, these mats are both aesthetically appealing and functional in application. Depending on the type of industry, area of installation and desired aesthetic effect, various safety messages can be inscribed onto these industrial mats. Due to technological advances, modern safety message mats feature highly artistic and photogenic graphics that serve to communicate safety messages in a radiant and convincing way.

Floor Protection

Some industrial mats are designed to keep the floors in production environments and other industrial sites from getting damaged through chipping, staining or scratching. They have special design features like traction treads and antimicrobial treatment. These mats are designed from very tough materials; hence they are suitable for high traffic and rough production environments.
Other models like urinal floor mats are used to suppress odors, prevent staining, and inhibit bacterial growth.

Industry-Specific Protection

Designed to provide safety and protection in risk-prone production environments, industry-specific protection mats are considered among the most functional industrial mats. These mats offer protection against special workplace hazards and risks. One type of industry-specific protection mats is the welding safe mat. These mats are specially designed to ensure that welders are safe from electrical shocks and electrostatic discharge (ESD). Static dissipative mats and electrically conductive mats are examples of ESD industrial matting systems.

Grease-, Oil- And Chemical-Resistance

Like all the other aforementioned functional properties, grease, oil and chemical resistance is a shared quality in almost all industrial mats. Considering the nature of most industrial operations, it is highly essential that many installations are grease-, oil- and chemical-resistant. Similarly, many industrial mats are specially designed to enhance this property. Features like cell-blended top cushions, vinyl backing and drain through holes are integral in attaining this resistance.