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5 Most Popular Types Of Interior Floor Mats

Floor mats are basically categorized or classified according to their place or site of installation. That is why we can classify all floor mats as either interior/indoor floor mats or outdoor floor mat. We can further classify floor mats according to their function or purpose. That is how we get anti-fatigue floor mats, which are used to enhance ergonomic comfort in the workplace. We also have custom logo mats, which are used for brand promotion and marketing. Anti-slip floor mats are used to provide traction on wet slippery floors thereby preventing slip and fall accidents at home or in the workplace. We also have entry or entrance floor mats that are installed across the doorway to trap dirt and moisture from the soles of our shoes. Other matting solutions are designed for specific industries, such as antimicrobial medical floor mats. We also have nonconductive and antistatic floor mats, which are used to ensure electrical safety in the workplace. When it comes to interior floor mats, some brands have earned a solid reputation in the matting industry because of their high quality. We will now look at some of the most popular interior matting solutions in the market today.

WaterHog Floor Mats

WaterHog is one of the most reputed matting brands in the world today. WaterHog matting products are marketed all over the world by major matting companies. There are many different interior floor mats under the WaterHog brand name. Some of the most popular WaterHog interior floor mats include the WaterHog Grand Classic, WaterHog Fashion, WaterHog Eco Premier, WaterHog Eco Grand Premier, WaterHog Eco Grand Elite, WaterHog Eco Elite Fashion, WaterHog Diamondcord, and many more. The main reason why WaterHog interior floor mats are very popular is because they are extremely durable. WaterHog interior mats are also very easy to clean and maintain. They are also very easy to customize to any style or custom logo mat. WaterHog floor mats come in many different colors, shapes, sizes, and design styles. They are suitable for high traffic areas and they can be installed in any business premises or industrial setting.

Portrait Mats

Another popular interior floor mat is the portrait floor mat. The portrait interior floor mat features a stylish parquet pattern. The mat is manufactured with a tufted Decalon yarn, which enhances its functionality when scraping and drying mud and moisture from the soles of your shoes. The channel design traps all dirt, debris, and moisture from your shoes.

Accent Mats

Accent mats are anti-slip and anti-fatigue interior floor mats. These mats feature beveled edges to prevent slip and fall accidents at home or in the workplace. The mats are colorfully designed and they can be installed on any wet slippery floor for traction.

Arrow Trax Antimicrobial Mats

The Arrow Trax matting brand is renowned for producing high quality matting products. Arrow Trax antimicrobial floor mats are designed for installation in sanitary working environments. These mats are fully functional in terms of floor safety and floor protection. They also prevent bacterial contamination in sterile environments.

CleanShield Urinal Mats

This is one of the most popular urinal floor mats in the market today. This antimicrobial floor mat uses the latest technology in urinal matting to reduce odors. The mat has Seep Guard Tacki Back, which prevents urine seepage to the floor. It also features an easy to read 30-day Timestrip, which indicates time for replacement. CleanShield urinal mats are made from 100% eco friendly post-consumer recycled PET fabric.