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    Comfort Flow Floor Mat


    Anti-fatigue, slip resistant mats for dry or wet environments indoors or outdoors, with or without grit

    Anti-fatigue, slip resistant mats for kitchens and industrial applications

    These durable mats come in a standard nitrile rubber version, or with an aggressive, silicon carbide anti-slip top surface. The mats feature:

    • High Density Closed Cell Nitrile Rubber Cushion has 15% recycled content
    • Grease and oil proof, chemical resistant
    • Static Dissipative and certified slip resistant by National
    • Floor Safety Institute
    • Welding Safe
    • Beveled edges for safe transition from mat to floor
    • Lifetime anti-microbial treatment to prevent odors and degradation of the mat
    • Comfort Flow has drainage holes to allow liquids to flow through. Comfort Scrape has non-draining surface
    • Light weight and flexible for easy handling and cleaning
    • Recommended for kitchens and industrial applications

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    Standard Sizes (Approximate)

    SizeQty. 1-5Qty. 6+
    2' X 3'$39.92$35.93
    19-1/8" X 19-1/8" Corner Tile$47.69$42.92
    18" X 19-1/8" Side Tile$47.69$42.92
    18" X 18" Middle Tile$47.69$42.92
    3' X 5'$89.92$80.93
    4' X 6'$152.00$136.80
    3' X 9'$187.00$168.30
    36" X 39" Mat Middle$192.00$172.80
    37-1/8" X 39" Mat End$196.00$176.40
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