Grip Rock

Extremely slip-resistant floor mats for wet, oily and greasy floors, ramps, stairs, walk-in freezers and other slippery surfaces

Product Details

  • Made with crushed garnet and ceramic beads for secure footing
  • Backing restricts creeping
  • Low profile eliminates tripping hazard and allows it to be placed under thresholds
  • Resists fungal & bacterial growth
  • The Grip Rock mats are 3/8" thick
  • They are 3' wide and can be purchased per lineal ft as well (3' x 3' for example)

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)

SizeQty. 1Qty. 2-5Qty. 6-10Qty. 11+
3' X 5'$247.72$240.29$235.33$222.95
3' X 10'$496.10$481.22$471.30$446.49
3' X 15'$743.16$720.87$706.00$668.84
3' X 20'$991.00$961.27$941.45$891.90
3' X 25'$1237.46$1200.34$1175.59$1113.71
3' X 30'$1486.50$1441.91$1412.18$1337.85
3' X 40'$1981.98$1922.52$1882.88$1783.78
per lf, 3' wide$54.52$52.88$51.79$49.07


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