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    Floormat Anti Slip Tape


    Designed to increase safety by improving foot traction, these anti-slip tapes also draw visual attention to areas that might require additional caution.

    • Heavy Traffic Areas, Work Areas, Loading Docks, Stairways & Ladders, Ramps & Walkways
    • Able to bend over 90° angles without fracture
    • Rolls 1″ wide x 60′ long to 6″ wide x 60′. For wider areas use 2 or more smaller rolls
    • Colors and materials designed to grab attention
    • A wide variety of sizes that are easy to apply
    • Tapes meet OSHA and ADA federal regulations, as well as Military Spec 17951C

    Increases walkway safety for both indoor and outdoor applications by providing abrasive traction to normally smooth and slippery surfaces on floors, and stairs.

    • Provides outstanding grip and friction for optimal foot-traffic safety.
    • Provides flexible applications on multiple surfaces such as wood, metal, and smooth concrete.
    • High quality materials ensure superior traction in both indoor and outdoor applications.
    • Engineered for durability to withstand inclement weather and heavy foot traffic.
    • Easy to cut to any desired length for various applications. Premium adhesive backing to secure onto any surface.
    • Perfect application for decks, stairs, workshops, and garages.

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    4' X 60'$52.36$49.74
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