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Brite Trac Anti-Slip Floor Mat

$219.00$1,678.65 USD

The Brite-Trac™ Matting is designed for areas your customers will see – buffet lines/ beverage stations.  Features an aggressive abrasive surface for great traction. Brite-Trac™ products are all manufactured specifically for maximum slip resistance and safety.  From the backing, which restricts creeping; to the inner fiberglass layer for strength; to the extreme textured surface.  The low profile allows carts to travel easily over it and reduces a tripping hazard. Provide your employees/customers with protection from slips, trips and falls, which can be costly.

  • Thick- 1/8″
    Roll- 3′ x 40′
  • Slip resistant when wet/icy
  • Stays flexible at freezer temperatures
  • Tough, but lightweight
  • Easy to clean & handle
  • Reduces slips/falls
  • Resists fungal & bacterial growth
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Standard Sizes (Approximate)

SizeQty. 1-5Qty. 6+
3' X 5'$219.00$208.05
3' X 10'$428.69$407.26
3' X 15'$637.85$605.96
3' X 20'$842.92$800.77
3' X 25'$1048.55$996.12
3' X 30'$1257.33$1194.46
3' X 40'$1678.65$1594.72
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