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    Bubble Trax™ Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat


    Bubble Trax™ is a unique high performance anti-fatigue floor mat with a bubble-top surface design providing extreme ergonomic comfort and durability. Bubble Trax™ combines a heavy-duty vinyl top surface with a dense sponge backing utilizing the exclusive UniFusion™ bonding process. The resulting finished product is virtually a single piece eliminating any possibility of de-lamination. Bubble Trax™ uses RedStop™ non-slip backing, a uniquely engineered technology that eliminates the slipping and sliding of Bubble Trax™  floor mats on all types of smooth floor surfaces such as vinyl composite tile, painted or epoxy coated concrete, vinyl sheet flooring, carpet, and ceramic tile.

    • Long-lasting vinyl top surface
    • Bubble top surface texture provides added cushioning comfort
    • Combined with dense closed cell foam base utilizing exclusive UniFusion™ technology
    • UniFusion™ bond guaranteed for the life of the mat – See warranty for details
    • Sloped beveled edges to reduce trip hazards and allows easy access onto and off of mat
    • RedStop™ non-slip backing to eliminate mat slippage
    • Also available in 1 inch thick #982

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