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    Clean Stride Floor Mat Inserts


    Clean Stride mats provide highly effective dirt and dust removal methods for factories, computer rooms, warehouses, school gymnasiums, health care facilities and more.

    • 60 Sticky inserts for CleanShield rubber frame.
    • Sheets are numbered to indicate number of layers remaining.
      Sheets will perform many times before having to be peeled away.
    • Use in Clean Stride Dirt Removal Mat Frames and Clean Stride Dirt Removal Frame With Carpet
      • 24″ X 30″ inserts needed for 26.5″ X 32″ frame
      • 34″ X 44″ inserts needed for 36.5″ X 46″ frame
    • With two footsteps on Clean Stride adhesive insert, over 90% of dirt particles are removed.
    • Not recommended for wet areas
    • 3/8” thickness
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    Standard Sizes (Approximate)

    SizeQty. 1-5Qty. 6+
    24" X 30"$60.14$57.13
    34" X 44"$122.04$115.94
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