Epoxy Coating Mixer

    Paint Mixer, Shaft Dia. 2-3/8 In., Length 17-1/4 In., Head Dia. 2-1/4 In., Spiral Head Type, Max. RPM 900, Steel, For Mixing Drywall Mud or Paint, For Use With 3/8 In. or Larger Variable Speed Drill


    Floormat Acrylic Anti-Slip Paint

    Floormat Acrylic Anti-Slip Paint is a specially formulated anti-slip safety paint, which contains grit to help provide a tough, sure-footed, and safer-traction surface. Applied to cleaned bare materials such as wood, metal, asphalt, marble, concrete, stone, and many other surfaces. Floormat Acrylic Anti-Slip Paint will provide a durable and long wearing safety surface.

    floormat-epoxy- heavy-duty

    Floormat Epoxy Heavy Duty

    The ultimate two-part anti-slip epoxy system for heavy traffic areas and industrial use. Excellent abrasion resistance, chemical, solvent and water resistant. A stiff thick product that must be applied using a trowel and squeegee. Good for industrial applications, off shore drilling platforms, food processing plants,breweries, textile mills, canneries, trucks, trailers, lift gates, etc. Product can be applied to wood, aluminum, concrete, metal etc.


    Floormat Epoxy Roll On

    Easy to use newly developed two-part anti-slip epoxy system for moderate use. Simply mix and use 1/4" nap epoxy paint roller to apply. Recommended for indoor or outdoor use. Product can be applied to wood, aluminum, concrete, metal, etc. Great for any foot traffic applications such as ramps, docks, stairs, amusement parks and around slippery wet areas. Chemical, solvent and water resistant.


    Floormat Epoxy Trowel On

    Newly developed two-part anti-slip epoxy system for heavy duty use. A stiff product that must be applied with a trowel and squeegee, which comes in the kit. Product can be applied to wood, metal, concrete or almost any other clean dry surface. Great for industrial and other applications where a heavy anti-slip epoxy coating is needed. Chemical, solvent and water resistant.



    Eco-Bio Friendly Non-slip Coating for PVC- & Rubber-backed Mats


    Sure Grip Traction Degreaser

    SureGrip Daily Cleaner / Degreaser is the first line of defense in the battle against slippery floors. Unlike most cleaner-degreasers, it is alkaline free. Alkaline cleaners leave residue behind and will turn a wet floor into a serious slip hazard. Our Daily Cleaner / Degreaser emulsifies and suspends oil, grease and other contaminates, lifting from deep in the microscopic pores of the floor surface. Once the grease is emulsified, it can easily be extracted or rinsed away leaving the floor surface residue-free. When SureGrip Cleaner / Degreaser is used daily it will reduce the occurrence of polymerization, greatly improving surface traction.